Your Highest Vibration

By Carla Forte

What makes you vibrate so high that you can hardly contain that wide, toothy “KOOL-AID” grin?

the sun bathing my skin
the iridescence of a full moon’s glow
the smell of fresh baked apples with cinnamon
the sound of a good belly laugh
memories of my grandmother singing in the kitchen
the sight of the Grand Canyon from a helicopter
fresh baked German bread
prolonging a good book when you realize there is only one chapter left
the intoxicating smell of a good cup of coffee
seeing the universal in all things
connecting with my friends heart to heart
learning a new “trick”
the rush of the ocean breeze
the roar of a BMW engine on long drives in the country
watching the “Hallelujah” dance
blushing, smiling, laughing, and crying all at the same time:)
a nap in the middle of the day with the windows wide open
the smell of new rain on new grass
getting to know what makes others tick:)
reaching my fullest potential…and helping others reach theirs!

How about you?
Carla Forte cur­rently pro­vides ther­apy, coach­ing, and teaches yoga in Durham. You can con­tact Carla at Why are there two “n’s” in the name? Just like you, Carla has a dream of expand­ing her life and busi­ness. There are plans for an “Inn” that will serve as a des­ti­na­tion for holis­tic health and well­ness. Stay tuned.