Dalai Lama

Each of us is blessed with some kind of wealth. Some of us have an abundance of spiritual, material wealth, a wealth of humor, a wealth of emotional intelligence, an abundance of grace, love, kindness, humility. Think of yourself. Consider your unique gifts that you bring to this world.

The desire to form a recursive culture or caste system is a learned behavior. Sometimes we bond over shared prejudice.

Innate in all of us is the sense of innocence, humility. Remember the innocence of childhood. This essential goodness is in all of us. Sometimes it’s difficult to find in some. Effort to find the essential goodness especially in those that you have difficulty with. Appeal from the innocence in you to the innocence in them. You will be surprised by the outcome.

I speak from experience. Lessons learned the hard way. Pride and arrogance are attachments that obscurate one’s innate goodness. Letting go may be difficult but necessary to finding solutions and effective communication.