The Insight is within.

Some days inner peace comes seemingly with little to no effort. Then a new spider appears on the ceiling and you think, my master has arrived. The student is ready so the teacher finally comes. What does this saying really mean?

Here is where the hours of practice come in. There is another saying that is applicable, behind every master (maestro) is 10,000 hours of practice. A routine practice of contemplation, meditation is no different. Sitting in silence of speech, silence of thought, stillness of body will bring the teacher to you. You must practice, preferably twice a day.

The teacher, as so many wise gurus have told us, is within. The teacher is You. All of us have an inner master, sage, higher self, spirit, soul. So many words for the same thing.

The Insight is within. A routine practice of meditation will lead to the insight within. Sitting with stillness of body, silence of speech, silence of thought will lead to the teacher (insight) within.