I am re-reading a pocket edition of Paramhansa Yogananda’s classic book, The Law of Success, Using the Power of Spirit to Create Health, Propsperity and Happiness.

The most important message in this book and many others on this subject is how we manifest positive outcomes by 1)controlling our thoughts 2) directing positive will power and action to desired outcomes 3)building on the success of successive positive small outcomes to realize our ultimate goals/ dreams.

This book is available for purchase in the shop on this website.   Here is a sample that inspired me this evening to write this post to you.

Will Is the Dynamo

Along with positive thinking you should use will power and continuous activity in order to be successful. Every outward manifestation is the result of will, but hhis power is not always used consciously. There is mechanical will as well as conscious will. The dynamo of all your powers is volition, or will power. Without volition you cannot walk, talk work, think, or feel.  Therefore will power is the spring of all your actions. (in order not to use this energy, you would have to be completely inactive both physically and mentally. Even when you move your hand, you are using will power.  It is impossible to live without using this force.)

Mechanical will is an unthinking use of will power. Conscious will is a vital force accompanying determination and effort, a dynamo that should be wisely directed.

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