I Ching readers, visitors, subscribers,

Thank you.   We appreciate your readership, participation and generous sharing!

Enjoy a joyous meal today.   Please join me in saying a prayer for those who need our help.

Plant the seed thought, “how wonderful it would be if I could help all those who suffer, find peace. ”

Now that you have the right intent, try these actions every day:

Share, share, share, share, share.   Lack time? Share your love and light with someone in another way.  You may lack money but are rich with time and an open heart, spend time with a lonely or “difficult” person who would benefit from your time and open heart.  You may have an abundance of wisdom, please share.   Notice a problem with the community? See what you can do to make it better, rather than criticize from the sidelines.

Don’t horde your wealth; whatever form it takes.