“A lot of interesting things on this site, please feel free to explore around. You may learn that you remember more than you think when you begin to realize the nature of your own inner guidance. Iching guidance is a great resource!”

Graham Whitley


I asked the question what blocks I need to remove from my life in order find a partner and experience true love; and the I ching reading was spot on. Paul’s interpretation of my reading to ¬†Hexagram 21″Biting Through” reminded me to lead with my heart , retreat into my meditative practice, and relinquish my control to the Divine. After Biting Through,¬† I was told to abide with my the truth and cling to the power of higher truth. Paul gently reminded me that the best temple for find the higher truth was the temple in my heart. After the reading Paul gave me this mantra to recite, “Divine Source please replace all negative energy with your love and light”. I now fill more heart centered and I actually saw the girl I liked and we had a beautiful heart lead conversation. I was skeptical at first about doing an I ching reading, but now I am believer! Thank you so much Paul for sharing your knowledge and I will definitely get another I ching reading soon!!

Kenn S

Clear, comforting, clarifications of the readings. Treat yourself to a reading and interpretation!

I Ching readings translated into simple terms, with clear interpretations. I highly recommend it!

Have your concerns addressed by the I Ching reading. Clear, concise interpretations. Questions answered.

Suman Bhatia