Hexagram 17

i Ching Bronze Coines

Let’s start something new for 2017! The reading I received this morning was Hexagram 17. I’m interested to hear from you, readers of iChing guidance, what questions or comments do you have about Hexagram 17, Following? Please write your comments or questions in the section below this article. When we reach or exceed 5 new … Read moreHexagram 17

Hexagram 58: The Joyous Lake

Hexagram 58 the Joyous Lake (Twee) Pleasure ORACLE:   The surface of the marsh is still; the inner marsh seethes with life, Beside it friends sit and talk, The conversation is easy but the communication between them is deep, Success if you keep to your course. Notice the featured image for this post. Indian elementary … Read moreHexagram 58: The Joyous Lake