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The Bright Hour
Received a text from a friend reading a book and saw me mentioned as “Nurse Jon” and “Relaxation Jon.” What a big surprise for us both! This book is powerful, like one of Stephen Levine, or Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ Living and Dying workshops. I read it on plane flight and trains in India! Right after she finishes about our interaction and an outcome of her practice, recovery from an anxiety, panic attack, she shares her relative, Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Bright Hour story. On Facebook recently: Working at Duke put this picture and told about Nina’s treatment at the Cancer Center, and my teaching her a form of meditation that she used and gained repeated benefits over the last year of her life. LINK to the Facebook story.

The Bright Hour

During my recent trip to India, this was our last day at Kainchi Ashram in the foothills of the in the Kumoan Hills towards Nepal.


Body Relaxation with Hammered Dulcimer


So very pleased to announce the release of Body Relaxation with Hammered Dulcimer! My voice is recorded with the relaxing, soothing, fun sound of the Hammered Dulcimer with Helen Wolfson.

Spontaneously collborating one afternoon in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, we did a guided relaxation with a patient and her mom that yielded fantasic feedback and encouragement to make a recording. Here it is. Helen playing her hammered dulcimer and I speak from a place of deep heart and meditation. We have weaved together voice and music, that relaxes, the body, and calms the mind.


Helen Wolfson is a Certified Music Practitioner® who plays at bedside in private homes, residential facilities, and hospitals. Her relaxing music offers healing, solace, pain relief, and stress relief to clients and their families.

Jon Seskevich RN, BSN, BA, CHTP, is a stress-management nurse who works daily with patients in a major medical center in Durham, NC. He teaches simple, practical, scientifically valid, mind/body approaches for healing and stress management.

One day, Helen and Jon found themselves in the same hospital room and spontaneously worked together to create a profound difference in the patient’s attitude. At the end of the session, the patient’s mother asked them if they always worked together. Out of that question, this collaboration was born.

Body Relaxation with Hammered Dulcimer combines Helen’s mesmerizing music with Jon’s soothing voice. Sit back, listen, and let them dissolve your stress.


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