“Through the practice of compassion we can transform our pain and suffering into something meaningful, which benefits not only others but ourselves..”

Sogyal Rinpoche

So many of us are suffering in silence with our own pain, assuming that everyone else is living lives of great joy and peace.    What we often forget, in our depressed state, is that so many others suffer as well. The practice of Compassion meditation and even the simple act of “participation” with others goes a long way towards helping us transform our suffering into humility, compassion and love for others and ourselves.

Participation: Have you ever seen night going? Very few of us become aware of the things which are happening every day. Have you ever seen the evening coming?  The midnight and its song?   The sunrise and its beauty?

We are behaving almost like blind people. In such a beautiful world we are living in small ponds of our own misery.   I know that when I am feeling depressed I don’t want to see anyone else.     Depression makes it so that even when someone wants to pull you out of your misery, of your suffering, you don’t want to be pulled out. One becomes attached to suffering.    I have a friend who has difficulty rising from bed each morning.   I know this feeling of misery is so strong it pulls one into a negative morass, entropy.

There is so much joy inside you, you have to be just aware of it and to become a participant, not a spectator.  I know this is easier said than done.  Depression is a serious illness.    Modern psychology/medicine  have efficacious treatment plans for depression .    The practices described herein are not intended to replace allopathic treatment, rather augment or add important behavioral components.

Make participation your lifestyle and your whole existence becomes such a joy, such an ecstasy.  The universe responds favorably when you share your gifts with others and through your contributions create something greater and more beautiful than each of you could manage on your own.    Participation not only nourishes you, but will also contribute something precious to the whole.

Enjoy this teaching from Sogyal Rinpoche- Transforming suffering into compassion.