Spiritual Counseling Sessions with Lorri

A Spiritual Counseling session supports spiritual growth and connection to something greater then yourself. Its purpose is to create a sacred space to share and release old patterns and habits. Throughout your life, you may find that you’ve gotten lost on your path and are in need of Divine guidance. Your session may explore relationship issues, financial issues, health concerns, career, finding a life purpose, overcoming obstacles, or putting your thoughts and feelings into perspective. When entered into with willingness, the sessions are life transforming.

Lorri is a certified Life Coach, a professional Intuitive Reader (for 30 years), a board certified Massage Therapist and published author. She is currently working on her Spiritual Counselor Certification and is offering sessions for a “love donation”(You choose the amount that you are led to donate). Lorri feels as though this path is truly what she has been preparing for all of her life.



Creating clarity through simplicity and connection