Dans Le nord


Look (observe) at this painting for 10 minutes. Set a timer if you think the occasion warrants. Give the painting enough time to settle over your restless mind. Allow the image to elicit an emotion, any emotion will do. Allow this new or familiar emotion to linger then move on by. Let go of whatever comes and allow reverie, primordial wisdom, its natural place within. See what art can do? Same instruction for the image of the mighty Durham NC front yard Oak tree, image below. See what nature, a walk in the woods, a beautiful Oak Tree can do?

BTW: This is not a contest. It may take years to settle your restless mind. This exercise may only be a reprieve from the onslought of restless thoughts, worries and fears.

Certainly worhwhile endeavour. However fleeting. Do you agree?

You know what a mighty Oak Tree can do