One of the first I Ching Books I purchased was Sam Reifler’s I Ching. Here’s why:

For centuries the Chinese have consulted the I Ching both as an oracle and as a means of self-understanding. The moral and psychological depth of its wisdom has been celebrated by its scholars, psychologists, poets, and scientists. In this clear, immensely readable interpretation, Sam Reifler eliminates the obscure and dated references of previous translations to provide an accurate and accessible version of the ancient Chinese classic for the contemporary seeker. With easy-to-follow instructions for using both the yarrow stick and the coin toss method, this new interpretation of the I Ching reveals the hidden forces at work in our relationships, our careers, and our emotional lives – and suggests new directions and choices for the future. For everyone who seeks to better understand themselves and the world around them, this new translation of the I Ching is a practical and remarkably effective pathway to enlightenment.

Last year a reader updated our website with the following good news:

Some of your readers may be interested to know that we recently published the first hardcover edition of Sam Reifler’s “I Ching – A New Interpretation for Modern Times”.

It is available through Amazon as well as through our



Denkof Zwemmen
The Drapers Guild Press