From the point of view of Buddhism and Buddhist practice, the discovery of the true nature of mind must be established for Buddhadharma to be fully practiced. However, this does not mean that any meditation practiced before such realization arises is bad or useless; rather, it is just not as effective as it could be. Understanding the true nature of mind brings with it a benefit, in that anything done with the mind in meditation is far more effective and beneficial. Indeed, while it is true that the mind of each and every one of us possesses all the qualities of a buddha, these are unapparent because of obscurations and our clinging to an inherently existing ego, or “I,” which binds our obscurations together like a chain. Clinging to egoistic self-perception prevents recognition of the inherent qualities of Buddhahood, qualities which we naturally possess. Until the obscurations of ego-clinging are cut through, we will never realize these transcendent qualities inherent in the pure alaya.
~ Kalu Rinpoche #KaluRinpoche