What does it mean to have a Heart? Of course, each living person has one or they wouldn’t be alive. But for someone to say that an act was heartfelt or heartless bring different implication to the word “heart.” There’s a non-physical component to heart as well, which as long been understood and spoken about. Phrases like “follow your heart” are obviously not referring to the physical heart, but more of a spiritual center. Emotion, compassion and intuition are all words which are commonly used to describe the heart. Personally I find it safe to say that we all have a non-physical heart which is at the very center of our being. And at the core of this heart is an innate longing to for unconditional love. So, when people speak of having a “heart to heart” talk, there is an inherent understanding that brings a sense of connectedness into the interaction on a deeper level. While connecting to the heart, one often feels less of a pull to be drawn into drama created by the ego. A deeper sense of well being, and calmness emerge.

To be more connected to our hearts, it’s important to take time to do just that.! 🙂 Here, try this simple meditation on connecting to the heart.

Click to view a PDF of the meditation and give it a try with a friend! 🙂