This is one of the most challenging to comprehend readings in the I Ching. The Army? How obtuse! Right? What does it convey to you? I have received this reading at times when I was preparing for a confrontation or meeting with a dysfunctional team or individual.

Most often the advice associated with this reading is prepared for a leadership opportunity. You are called upon to lead a group, large or small, through a challenging period or specific conflict.

Persistence in righteousness brings good fortune. This reading often serves as encouragement to those on a mission or cause in support of divine principals or following the golden rule. When was the last time you witnessed a true leader emerge from the pack of passive followers? When do you feel impelled to act when the times is right and you have a just cause? What of the just cause of settling your mind to a state of nondistraction? This hexagram speaks of such a time and asks you to lead. The discipline required to execute a virtuous plan in difficult circumstances is a mighty endeavor and it requires focused attention and cooperation of a diversified group of individuals. It takes a strong leader to bring together all of the disparate elements to work together in unity.