“Hwen  Dispersion

The Deep Below and the Wind Above

The air moves above the Water; the water evaporates.   The ancient kings were pious and dedicated themselves to serving God.    They built the temple; the present king worships there.


Keep to your course.  You may cross the great water.

What does Hexagram 59 imply?  Is this reading about Charity?  I believe it is about giving away what is in surplus or receiving with joy when one is in need.     A very difficult concept in the pull up the ladder when we succeed individualism celebrated in the west.  Imagine allowing our surplus to flow downward and upward.  I think of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates who have made fortunes and give upwards of 50% away.    My paternal grand father, who had very little to give, gave freely when he be aware of someone in need. The other side of the tracks, who could easily afford to give, all too often coveted their riches.    I myself have practiced both coveting and giving away what I could not afford to give.   Deficit giving is as unhealthy as coveting when you have more than enough to share with family and friends.

Counsel for you in this reading:  Aware of the illusory nature of possessions, you have not egotistical interest in it.  In the eyes of others this is ultimate daring and ultimate in success, no matter what your position in the socioeconomic ladder.

“This hexagram is a reading of ego destroying religious experience. Your way is the way of religious ecstasy attained through ritual.  Your way is the experience of death and then a return to life”.  1


1. Page 252 and 253 of Sam Reifler  I Ching  A New interpretation for Modern times.


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