Those who persevere make continuous progress

The image most commonly associated with this reading is that of a tree growing on the top of a mountain.   If this tree grows too rapidly, wihout properly rooting itself, it becomes susceptible to being torn up and destroyed by the winds.  If however, it establishes a proper foundation and is content to grow gradually, it will enjoy a long life and a lofty view.

What does this have to with you the subject of this reading?   Normally this reading has come for me when I have attempted to move beyond my capability or means.   Operating by the seat of my pants, without a firm plan nor a settled heart and mind.   Often when we find ourselves in unsuitable or undesirable situations we want to wiggle free without thinking or setting a clear plan about where we are going.   All too often this leads to further trouble.  The I Ching uses the metaphor of a Wild Goose flaily about without a sure place to land to express the disorder that arises when we don’t have a plan or a certain foothold.

How do we best prepare when attempting to overcome a major obstacle or acheive a large life goal? You want to finish a degree while working full time? You want to start a voice over career at night when you get home from work? This reading implores us to act with caution, by establishing a pattern of clear daily behavior that will lead you towards your goal. A close friend and teacher I know counsels me to start living the life I want to live wherever I am, rather than waiting to start when the obstacle is clear. How does this help? Baby steps in the right direction mean that when the opportunity avails itself you will be ready to assume the new life. Make sense to you? This is what gradual progress means to me. Some use vision boards, or check lists, others rely on mental tablets. My recommendation is write it down somewhere. Go to the list each morning to set yourself up for success. Mark off the small achievements as you go. It is very difficult to acheive a big goal without writing it down and referring to it daily.