Ko Revolution Molting.  (Changes are now possible)



Devotion to truth enables a revolution


The hexagram Ko announces the arrival of a time of revolution. A set of conditions, internal or external or both, is ready to pass away in favor of a more beneficial situation. What enables this transformation is your conscious and vigorous adherence to correct thought and behavior.

No revolution in outer things is possible without a prior revolution in one’s inner way of being. Whatever change you aspire to in your affairs must be preceded by a change in heart, and active deepening and strengthening of your resolve to meet every event with equanimity, detachment, and innocent goodwill. When this spiritual poise is achieved within, magnificent things are possible without.

The revolutions of others are enabled also when we refine the fire of goodness and truth inside ourselves. Sincere commitment to higher things travels outward in powerful waves from the superior person, and all those around are affected by this. Indisputably, to lead one’s inner self to truth and peace is to lead the outer world to truth and peace. A beneficial revolution is assured to one who takes this path now.

Perseverance in innocent nonaction bears the greatest fruit at this time. Wait in humility and quiet restraint for a clear way to open.

A revolution is possible if one first prepares the ground. Strengthen your humility and still your ego before, during, and after taking action.

Do not be hasty; neither should you hesitate excessively. Act with perseverance and gentleness when it becomes clear that the time is right.

Great changes are only possible if your inner attitude is blameless. That which is not just will not last.

People instinctively understand and support a revolution brought by one who is completely aligned with higher principles.

That which is inferior takes time to transform completely. Accept small gains as steady progress and continually reaffirm your devotion to the path of the Sage.

Further guidance from the
Wei Wu Wei Ching

isn’t any need
to seek outside yourself.
Look inside, allow ideas and
methods and ways of perceiving to
dissolve, and you will see that
your original face and that
of all the buddhas are
one and the

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