42. I / Increase


Hexagram 42

Above Sun, the gentle wind

Below CHêN
The Arousing Thunder

Powerful improvements are underway

This reading comes to let you know this is a time to act when the universe is behind you in all of your benevolent ventures.    Please don’t dally when the reading comes to you.   I have learned the true guidance of the sage through this reading and others.   It is incumbent on you to act forthwith! See, NOW.   Use the positive tide to spurn on endeavors you have allowed to fester or linger in limbo at this propitious time.

It is human nature to relax when things are going well.  The I Ching advises not to wait when we receive this benevolent reading.  Good acts are multiplied at this favorable time and the I Ching counsels us to act when action is called for and wait when the situation is not favorable for action.


James DeKorne’s Official Website – The Gnostic Book of Changes – Hexagram 42

Confucius/Legge: Increase shows the upper trigram brilliantly decreased to augment the lower. What descends from above reaches all below, and the people’s satisfaction is unlimited. The advantage in movement is shown in the blessings dispensed by the second and fifth lines from their correct positions. Wood’s action shows that crossing the great stream is advantageous. Through the trigrams of Movement and Humility, there is unlimited daily advancement — heaven dispenses and earth produces, and all proceeds according to the requirements of the time.

Legge: Increase has the opposite meaning to hexagram number forty-one, Compensating Sacrifice [Decrease]. What king Wen had in mind was a ruler or a government operating to dispense benefits to the people and increase their resources. The two important lines in the figure are correlates two and five. The general auspice of the hexagram is one of being successful in one’s enterprises and overcoming the greatest difficulties.

The formation of the trigrams here is the reverse of that in the preceding hexagram. The people are full of pleasure in the labors of the ruler for their good. “The action of Wood” in the Confucian commentary refers to the upper trigram, which is the symbol of Wind and Wood. Boats are made from wood on which the great stream may be crossed. In three hexagrams, this, fifty-nine and sixty-one, in which this is the upper trigram, we find mention of crossing the great stream. In the Image, thunder and wind are seen to increase one another, and their combination gives the idea of an Increase.

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