Hexagram 40  Deliverance

A change in attitude delivers you from difficulty

This reading, Hsieh, signals the beginning of a deliverance from danger, tensions, and difficulty.  The I Ching counsels us, through this reading, on the cause of the deliverance and how one must act in order to fully benefit from this favorable time.

This hexagram often comes when one is clearing an obstacle or obstruction to your soul’s divine journey through this thing called life.     When our attitude and eagerness for change is riddled with anxiety and worry the sage has no room to help us nor do we have our best ally working with us.  What does this mean?   The book of Changes counsels us to walk with the voice of the sage or Higher self, not the ego, as our guide through life.  How do we discern between the stridently convincing voice of ego and the less discernible, voice of the Sage?  This is not easy. It requires a clear mind, free of distractions.   Meditation is an excellent way to achieve greater awareness of our “Mind”.  Meditation is best conducted under the guidance of a qualified teacher or guru. I would advice approaching the Oracle or an I Ching reading with a mind at rest, post-meditation.    We help ourselves by settling our minds. The universe is here to assist when we prepare the ground and open up space for the healing to begin.

The clear instruction of this reading is a change in attitude delivers you from difficulty.    It is, without doubt, our minds can be our best ally or most defiant enemy depending on how aware we are of how our thoughts influence the worlds we perceive.

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