35 — Advance of Consciousness — 35

You progress like the rising sun. The brighter your virtue, the higher you rise.


Legge: In Advance of Consciousness we see a prince who secures the tranquility of the people presented on that account with numerous horses by the king, and three times in a day received at interviews.

Wilhelm/Baynes: Progress. The powerful prince Is honored with horses in large numbers. In a single day, he is granted an audience three times.

Blofeld: Progress. The richly endowed prince receives royal favors in the form of numerous steeds and is granted an audience three times in a single day. [This passage indicates great merit richly rewarded.]

Liu: The Marquis K’ang (rich, powerful, healthy) is bestowed with many horses by the king, who receives him three times in a single day.

Ritsema/Karcher: Prospering, the calm feudatory avails-of bestowing horses to multiply the multitudes. Day-time sun three-times reflected. [This hexagram describes your situation in terms of thriving in the full light of the sun. It emphasizes that contributing to this increase by helping things to flourish is an adequate way to handle it…]

Shaughnessy: The Lord of Kang is herewith awarded horses in luxuriant number, during daylight thrice connecting.

Cleary (1): Advancing, a securely established lord presents many horses, and grants an audience three times a day.

Cleary (2): Advancing, a securely established lord is presented with, etc.

Wu: Advancement indicates that the prince who has secured peace and prosperity of the state is conferred with many fine horses. The king grants him an audience three times in one day.


This is the sixth part of teaching from Sydney, 5 February 2017.

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