Hexagram 27

When you receive this reading reflect on the type of things you take into your body and mind.   Observe the people you draw to you and are drawn to.  When we stray from our practice of equanimity and balance by grasping for and to passion, fear and anxiety (see unsettled mind) this has very serious consequences for our commitment to honesty, integrity and balance.  Your unsettled mind weakens your ability to discern between what is beneficial to your well being and what may entrap and imprison you into a period of drama and unhappiness.   Maintaining one’s composure when temptations cross one’s path is very important to the welfare of ourselves and others.   This is the human condition (samsara) and the wheel of existence much talked about by Buddhist teachers and scholars.       This hexagram also talks about how careful observation of the habits of others tells us quite a bit of how they nourish themselves.   Please use caution before choosing to pursue a serious relationship with those that take unhealthy thought and material into their minds and bodies.  This is always more easily said than done.

What you put into your body is obviously important. Who you choose to take spend time with, (receive nourishment from) is a reflection of your core values and beliefs.   Because it determines your fundamental physical well being, it is wise to be moderate and thoughtful about the food you eat. What you put into your mind is even more significant. Regulating the mind is a more subtle art and requires a regular and steady practice of meditation, led by a qualified teacher.