Kuan has two meanings in Chinese, either “contemplation” or “setting an example” This explains why in some interpretations you will find reference to the first part of the work (purification) has been done. Now it is time for the sacrifice or ablution to be made. The worshipper who has purified himself has a choice to move to the next step of making an example of himself through an act of self sacrifice. This may take the form of an offering to the gods or others that demonstrates his/her virtue to others.

In the non-extraordinary course of events, this hexagram describes a period where a self-correction is in order and return to contemplation of proper principles. By sacrificing the harsh judgements of the ego and asking the Sage for guidance, you free yourself from hindering influences and increase your merit-and thereby your ability to have an influence.

The fact is we take on the attributes and energy of the things and areas we focus our attention on. Study of the I Ching helps us concentrate on the underlying principles that govern the universe. By contemplating on the wisdom of such underlying principles as independence, detachment, modesty, acceptance and tolerance, we begin to embody them in our own lives.

I think of all the people who have taught me invaluable lessons in my life. The value of treating people with the same respect you expect for yourself each and every day. The value of hard work and dedication to making this world more livable for yourself and others. The virtue of looking for small ways to help make life easier for family, friends, and strangers who are experiencing difficulty in their lives. The importance of sharing your wealth, spiritual or material, with others in your immediate circle and beyond. This reading splits both ways. It seems to me that it depends on what stage one is at with the process of cultivating higher principles into one’s life as to how one takes the lesson from this reading.

Cultivate virtue and don’t return to habitual patterns of negativity, harshness and judgment on others behavior.

Most often this reading is about observing the virtues of others and incorporating these higher principles into your own life. Cultivate a life of virtue and others will gravitate to you.