Let’s start something new for 2017! The reading I received this morning was Hexagram 17.

I’m interested to hear from you, readers of iChing guidance, what questions or comments do you have about Hexagram 17, Following?

Please write your comments or questions in the section below this article. When we reach or exceed 5 new comments. I will comment. Please share your interpreations for this reading with others in the group. Please know that no question is anything other than a great question to share with this group.

All comments are moderated and there is zero tolerance for anything other than professional and courteous dialogue.

The Oracle may not provide easy or direct answers to your question or querry. The guidance or lesson is more likely to provide the wisdom needed for each moment. This is precisely why the Oracle is best consulted with the insight of experienced readers like the readers on I Ching Guidance website.

Paul Langan