Those who are steadfastly balanced, humble, and in harmony with the Sage inherit everything under the sun. Fire above the sky shines far — symbolizing the vastness of the territory of wealth. To develop virtue and repress evil is in accordance with the will of heaven, which has given to all men a nature fitted for goodness. This reading connotes “Wealth”  derived from a steadfastly balanced, humble and harmonious relationship with the Sage.  This wealth is not necessarily about monetary wealth, rather spiritual wealth.   In my experience all beneficial things come to one who is humble, balanced and walking in Dharma each day. My friend received this reading which also has other important connotations : Possession in Great Measure, The Symbol of Great Possession, Sovereignty, Great Having, Great Possessing, The Great Possessor, Great Wealth, Abundance, Having What is Great, “Often means things other than material possessions or achievement. Count your blessings for they are many.” Commentary (below) excerpted from James Dekorne’s website:   Confucius/Legge:Wealth shows the magnetic line in the central ruler’s place, and honored by the dynamic lines above and below. The figure is composed of the trigrams of Strength and Clarity. The central line of Clarity responds to the central line of Strength, eventuating in timely action. This indicates great progress and success. Legge: Wealth means “great havings,” and symbolizes a kingdom, family or individual in a state of prosperity. The danger in such a position arises from the pride it is likely to engender. Here however, everything is against that: the place of honor is occupied by a magnetic line, so that the ruler will be humble, and all the dynamic lines will respond to her with sympathetic allegiance. The ruler’s seat is in the central position of the trigram of Clarity, and hence her strength is directed by intelligence, and all her actions are timely, like the seasons of heaven.