If you are alert to the Creative, you will meet with  good  fortune now
The Creative is at work; change is in motion in a dynamic, creative way.


This hexagram signals a time when the fundamental creative power of the universe is available to you.  An unrestricted outpouring of benevolent energy from the heavens makes possible profound progress for those who are conscientiously following proper principles. 1

Ch’ien represents the ethereal, heaven, initiating principle called yang, as the natural opposite of the material, earth, nurturing principle called yin.

The compassionate Dragon hexagram.

Other titles: The Creative, The Symbol of Heaven, The Creative Principle, Force, The Key, Creativity, The Originating, Creative Power, Primal Power, Yang, The Life Force, Kundalini, God the Father

Whenever I receive this reading it arrives right before a fever of activity and energy around the creative process.   This is an auspicious reading and one should use the “Creative” or Dragon energy to benefit others through good works.   Put all of your resources behind an effective strategy that will lead to a successful outcome.   If you are receptive to the benevolent energy of the universe you will prosper during this time.

Your attitude toward the Sage is most important.   Alertness and receptiveness are paramount. To receive the powerful assistance of the Creative, remain humble, patient, accepting, and responsive.  Careful attention to truth brings vast rewards at this time.

1.  Brian Browne Walker  I Ching.

Princess Gomadevi was the daughter of the king of Oddiyana in ancient times, more or less in the epoch of Garab Dorje. She is one of the lineage holders of the Dzogchen teaching, particularly Semde series, or Mind Section. She was disciple of Maharaja, the Khenpo of Oddiyana, and transmitted her knowledge to Atsantra Aloke. In the biography of Vairochana we can find, among others, her essential biography and teaching that awoke ultimate understanding in her together with the song with which she expressed her realization: “About then, the talented Princess Gomadevi yearned deeply to know the essential nature. She requested the meaning of the realized state from Maharaja the Uddiyana scholar who then bestowed it in full and condensed the meaning for her in song: A single sphere, continuous, and not apart throughout the triple time, A single sphere of natural freedom, beyond a path to travel, Not bound by words, beyond a nature to be grasped, Free from meditation object, I see the state beyond confines. On hearing this, Princess Gomadevi understood the basic intent and then expressed her realization: I am the one whose name is Gomadevi. The elements, all five, are consorts of the fivefold families. The aggregates are the five buddha lords. The elements and sense-bases are male and female bodhisattvas. Samantabhadri is the ground-of-all. Samantabhadra is the knowing mind. Attainment is these lords and ladies in the nondual union.


Find yourself first as the witnessing presence of awareness in the background of experience. Recognize yourself as that and be that knowingly. 'I' is the name we give to the knowing, aware, perceptual element of the experience. Simply know to be; be aware of being. Awareness of being is happiness itself. Awareness has no form but assumes all forms of experience. Why do I believe that I am a temporary, finite separate self and suffer? This infinite awareness must seem to become a finite mind. The infinite cannot know the finite directly, so must do so through the agency of the mind. The faculties of perception and thought are the means by which the one appears as many. You, finite mind, are the localized activity through which infinite awareness is able to actualize a segment of its infinite potential in form. As such, the finite mind is the instrument of creativity, of love. This meditation has been taken from Rupert's five-day retreat at home in February 2021.

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