Do you experience FLOW? Flow happens when the Ego is subservient to source or Higher self. Ego kept in check by source.  What?  Musicians and athletes experience flow at the best moments onstage or on the court. You might experience this when a certain song comes over the speaker at the club or in your car. Explication falls far short of a direct experience with flow. It must be experienced and may be after routine mindfulness practice. Prince experienced flow in almost every venue or room where he appeared. MJ each night he played, from HS to the NBA. The expert definition of  FlOW occurs after 10,000 hours of practice as Charlie Bird Parker, MJ and Prince attested/demonstrated.

Flow can be experienced by you in states of meditation or when immersed in your artistic endeavour of choice. Flow is the ineluctable pull of the ineffable.

Next time your partner tells you to slow down and pay some attention to what is actually happening, don’t think too long , rather give yourself fully to your “Buddha nature”.  PAY ATTENTION.  breathe in, exhale. After some practice this will  flow for you.  We have this kind of attention/awareness at our disposal at every new moment but this manic world of multi task makes us mis remember.  Controllable selective amnesia. Ego mind in control.   Remember that ecstasy and joy are so much better with awareness.  SLOW DOWN, Relax.    Practice, Practice, Practice.   Slow down and read this carefully. Apply this learned behavior to your interactions with your life partner. Women  understand this innately. The Reptile brain or biological imperative in men makes it a bit more difficult to uncover.  Relax and breathe.   Recently a wise advisor reminded me how short my inhalation cycle has become.  Stress and anxiety. Worry and Fear vs. Love and happiness.  Contraction vs. Expansion.  Buddha teaches us to breathe in  a long breath, breath out a long breath while saying “I breathe in a long breath and I breathe out a long breath”.  The whole body breathes in deeply and breathes out deeply.    Try this for 10 cycles of breath (inhalation/exhalation) wherever you may be, RIGHT now.

How does this relate to the I Ching?    64 Hexagrams of seemingly obtuse advice condensed to one, simple instruction.   Whatever ails you.  Whatever problems you  experience in your life are better observed and resolved when one allows the Higher self, buddha nature, loving kindness, awareness, expansion rather than contraction (fear, worry, anxiety) to come in.   No problem or difficulty is improved or resolved through worry and fear.  Buddha taught us the cause of suffering is grasping or dissatisfaction with what is, rather than gratitude for what you already have.  Human life is precious and rare. Be grateful for another moment of this precious life.   Contraction vs. Expansion.

Here is a great example of the aforementioned “certain song” that comes on to bring on and triggers the  FLOW.–8lBT7YSo