Choose Love over fear and we all win.  Easier said than done?   Try it next time you’re confronted by that same old demon of “fear” when it rears its scary little head.  Do respond,  but only after taking a deep breath of pure prana.   Respond with pure LOVE.  How?   Treat your day fear the same way you might convert demons to loved ones in your dreams. What?   Treat your day like  it ‘s a dream just like the lucid dreams you experience in REM time.   Experiment with this for a week and you may be pleasantly surprised with the results.   Do take your responsibilities seriously.   Drive alertly, cross the street with awareness of your surroundings.

Do you experience Nightmares that feature a nasty demon chasing you around a room, hallway or street?   Next time the dream recurs, stop running, turn around and face the demon with Love.  This is not easy.  It requires skills in lucid dreaming, willpower and bravery.  Treat your dreams like it is reality.    There is nothing like the awareness of fear in a dream to create the perfect opportunity to wake up in your dream and change the outcome.      Next time the dream recurs , stop, take a deep breath of prana and face the demon with the same love you have for your favorite aunt, mother, sister, brother.    Shower the demon with an overflowing outpouring of  love.  Say to yourself, I choose love not fear.    Say the words out loud, Divine source, please replace all negative thoughts, fear and anxiety with your love and light.   Allow  love to bridge the gap of separateness between you and the other.       Watch the demon try to entice you and keep responding with love.  Soon the demon will cower first then convert to oatmeal mush or your favorite loved one.      The demon is not real.   The thought demons in waking life are not you.  The recurring nightmare will come to an end.  Let it go just like the thoughts that battle in your head.  The demons and the thoughts are not you.

Alright, you might be thinking I choose love over fear. How do we all win when I choose love?  We all win when love is chosen over fear because the world is in peaceful harmony when love wins over fear.  Love is light and light blights out, dispels, illuminates fear (darkness).