The I Ching—the Book of Changes—is  the oldest Chinese text still in publication.  It is  also an incredible tool for harnessing the deep wisdom of Taoism. It is, in a way, an ancient computer for understanding both life and reality itself.

Interpreting the hexagram readings of the I Ching is a process that may take a lifetime.   The reason this website was established was primarily to share with you my passion for the wise voice of the sage this ancient book evokes.   I have not always abided the sagely counsel of this oracle and suffered setbacks as a result.   As long as I have sinus rythmn I will consult the Book of Changes.   With humble respect I endeavour to help others find the same guidance from this ancient text that I have found.   My 38 years of experience using this highly regarded oracle will be put to use serving my clients and readers of this new website. Please don’t hesitate to offer your insight as I am open to criticism and  welcome a variety of  perspectives.

The mission of is to blend the ancient traditions with timely and applicable advice you may use to navigate the choices we give to this life.


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