Hexagram 1 The Creative, the Dynamic

Hexagram 1 The Creative, the Dynamic

If you are alert to the Creative, you will meet with good fortune now
The Creative is at work; change is in motion in a dynamic, creative way.

This hexagram signals a time when the fundamental creative power of the universe is available to you.  An unrestricted outpouring of benevolent energy from the heavens makes possible profound progress for those who are conscientiously following proper principles. 1

Ch’ien represents the ethereal, heaven, initiating principle called yang, as the natural opposite of the material, earth, nurturing principle called yin.

The compassionate Dragon hexagram.

Other titles: The Creative, The Symbol of Heaven, The Creative Principle, Force, The Key, Creativity, The Originating, Creative Power, Primal Power, Yang, The Life Force, Kundalini, God the Father

Whenever I receive this reading it arrives right before a fever of activity and energy around the creative process.   This is an auspicious reading and one should use the “Creative” or Dragon energy to benefit others through good works.   Put all of your resources behind an effective strategy that will lead to a successful outcome.   If you are receptive to the benevolent energy of the universe you will prosper during this time.

Your attitude toward the Sage is most important.   Alertness and receptiveness are paramount. To receive the powerful assistance of the Creative, remain humble, patient, accepting, and responsive.  Careful attention to truth brings vast rewards at this time.

1.  Brian Browne Walker  I Ching.