Are You Impeccable With Your Words?

We are responsible for what we say, responsible for our words. The words we use can cause either expansion or contraction. Words that contribute to feelings of peace, love and joy cause expansion. Words that contribute to worry, anxiety, concern or fear cause contraction. Each time we share an opinion or judge another we are creating a projection. That projection is based on what we think and as a result what we choose to say/project has the ability to cause contraction or expansion for another person.

Here’s a simple life example:

You meet up with your friend and “out of concern” you say: “You looked tired.” Or “You must be tired.” Do you know for a fact that your friend is tired? Are you really tired and seeing it in your friend? Are you thinking that you are being a caring friend by saying that?

The truth is, you have offered an opinion/projection that causes contraction. It is a limiting statement. Whether or not the words are true, your friend now begins to wonder: “Am I tired?” or “Oh my gosh, I look tired” and as a result they begin to feel “less than.”

The statement “I was only doing it out of concern” is a lie.

A. Big. Fat. Ego. Lie.

Does saying this statement bring a feeling of love, peace or joy to your friend? NO.

Individually we beat ourselves up enough internally. When we connect with others being more loving includes becoming more aware of the words we are using. Are you impeccable with your words?

An easy exercise to practice is to ask yourself the following 3 questions before speaking:
Is what I am about to say TRUE?
Is what I am about to say NECESSARY?
Is what I am about to say KIND?
If the answer to ALL 3 is YES then it is expansive and loving. Otherwise it is a projection and can cause contraction.

For this month, start to become aware of what you are projecting/sharing/saying to others. Are you offering expansion with your words: peace, love or joy? Or, are you offering contraction: anxiety, fear or worry?

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