Do you have any doubt that what you think and say every  moment each day influences the manifest world around you?   Just think about the influence of  just one negative thought at the start of a new day.  Have you ever noticed  when the day starts out with a negative thought and you cling to this negative thought, the negativity compounds throughout the day? You spill coffee on your perfectly matched blouse or tie,  on the way in to work the car in front of you slams on their breaks during the morning commute almost causing you to slam into the rear of their car, as a result  you’re late to the very important Monday meeting,  then you get stuck on a conference call and miss lunch,  after lunch your angry son calls and yells at you while your boss stands next to you.

Next time this happens try this, redirect the negative thought with the words, “Divine source please replace all negative thoughts with your love and light”  take a deep breath in, exhale and say this again each time a negative thought comes in, right before you start to cling.

Better, try this:  wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual and sit in quiet contemplation.  Start the day with a positive mantra, “ Divine source, thank you for another day where I may celebrate this life with you

I found this video insightful (Christie Marie Sheldon) and recommend you take a few minutes to watch:

This will make a difference in how you think.