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5 Sessions • Starts June 25

With Special Guests: Gregg Braden, Grandmother Mona Polacca, James O’Dea, Grandmother Susan Ka’iulani Stanton, Vernon Masayesva, Ashok Gangagdean, Tina Fields, Carole Hart, Matthew Bronson, David Christopher, and Jerry Honawa.

8 PM New York • 5 PM Los Angeles

Discover how an original synthesis of Indigenous traditions, Eastern philosophy, and modern science can lead to emotional and spiritual healing.

Today we see the emergence of a liberating new way of being in the world — one that weaves together the deep Nature wisdom of Indigenous traditions, the spiritual insights of Eastern philosophy, and the quantum breakthroughs of modern science. By making this worldview part of our daily lives, we usher in an era of greater health and awareness, for ourselves and for society.

For all of the achievements of modern “progress,” the Western way of thinking has led us — personally and collectively — to a crisis. We experience ourselves as fragmented beings, separated from one another and Nature, and this alienation has led to destructive behavior that endangers the future of life on this planet.

But each of us has the potential to transcend this crisis, and leave the era of separation behind.

Glenn Aparicio Parry calls this new world view Original Thinking. Through Original Thinking, we can strip away the destructive practices of rationalist Western thought, and reconnect with the Source that brings us health and the experience of our truest selves.

Glenn has spent more than two decades exploring the emerging paradigm, with its radical revisioning of how we think about time, humanity, and nature. At the legendary SEED Gatherings, he convened pioniering dialogues that brought together Native American elders and leading-edge Western scientists, to uncover the common perspectives of scientists and mystics. They also shared traditional Indigenous and Eastern spiritual techniques to help integrate this understanding into a reimagined, contemporary way of life.

For this unique course, Glenn has gathered some of the most insightful and celebrated participants from the SEED dialogues and more to lead you to a deep appreciation of the emergent paradigm. They will teach time honored practices that will support you on the journey to a new way of thinking and being. And they will share their own experiences of the same journey.