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The Pureland Project promotes physical and spiritual well-being through recognizing human interdependent relationship with nature. We leverage best practices to support Tibetan nomads in Tibet and spread their wisdom to the Western world. Our aspiration is to support sustainable living practices in Tibet & the Americas utilizing the ancient Buddhist principles of Pureland Meditation.




This Web-site was started to honor the lessons the I Ching offers, through a guided , consultative process. I have personally consulted the I Ching for 35 years; last 10 years focused time to learn more about this ancient oracle’s history. The Internet is replete with many excellent websites dedicated to the study of the I Ching. You will find my favorites featured on this website.  The intention with IChing Guidance website is to provide a resource for those looking for practical advice. The IChing provides a glimpse into the moment for you. What is happening “Right Now” and how your actions or state of mind is manifesting external events.  The oracle can help provide important insight just as you may help yourself through a guided meditation practice with a qualified teacher.


I Ching Readings

Readings (interpretations) are available weekday evenings after 5:30 until 10pm and weekends from 1pm to 7PM Saturday and Sunday. Schedule a reading by sending email to durhamcool1@gmail.com. Must include “Request for IChing reading”in the subject line of your email.  Before each consultation, you will be sent easy preparation instructions.

Complimentary first reading (10 minutes) via Skype for months of September/October 2017. Please send email to aforementioned address.  Include, “First reading request” in the subject line of email.   Included with your first interpretive reading is a reduced 2nd reading price of $20.00 redeemable until September 2018.


Please take a moment to explore the Articles where you will find recent posts of my I Ching Consultations and articles of a spiritual nature. The I Ching Resource page is where you find my recommendations for my top four I Ching Books and a YouTube video on the history of the I Ching (with brief description for each of the 64 Hexagrams) and a straight forward, simple process for consulting the oracle.

dilgo khyentse rinpoche

“As you wish to be happy, so you should wish others to be happy too. As you wish to be free from suffering, so you should wish that all beings may also be free from suffering. You should think, “May all living creatures find happiness and the cause of happiness. May they be free from suffering and the cause of suffering. May they always have perfect happiness free from suffering. May they live in equanimity, without attachment or hatred but with love towards all without any discrimination.”


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I Ching Guidance.com assumes no liability or responsibility for any actions carried out based on the advice given. All information offered in the course of a reading is offered for entertainment only. I Ching Guidance.com is not liable for your interpretation of the divination scripts offered at this site.